Why the Rynox Advento? 10 Reasons Why

It’s been 8000km since I got my hands on the Rynox Advento, their flagship product in the riding pants’ line up. I have never used a better pair of riding pants! Here’s 10 reasons why I really love this bit of kit. Read on, and let me know what you think.advento-2

  1. Comfort makes a ride comfortable. Seriously.
    I, for one, do not like the itches. I really, really want everything I wear to be comfortable. The Advento really scores high here. Irrespective of what the weather is, I feel like heaven (pun intended)
  2. Built to take on anything
    We all know that everything cool ever made by man came from the battlefield. That’s why the 600D CORDURA® is the star over here. Made from reinforced nylon, it is resistant to abrasion, and will protect you in case there is a fall. Bye bye road rash, then! The pants are also water-repellant, negating the need for a rain liner. That, along with DU PONT® 1000-D polyester fabric reinforcement at impact zones and KNOX knee armour make the Advento your best bet in case you have a fall.img_20170209_134745-02-01
  3. Almost crash-proof
    The Advento gets  KNOX®CE (EN-1621- Level 1) – Approved Flexifoam Armour plates at the knees, shins and the hip. Knox is renowned for their armor quality. The armor fits well, too. I crashed once at about 70 kmph on a rough patch while I was on my way to Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh and the pants took all the impact.I crash landed on my right knee, and was saved only because of the Knox knee armour plates. However, since I was wearing regular boots I sprained my ankle.
  4. Can be used instead of denims
    For those who love trekking, walking is a pain if wearing knee and shin armour. Thankfully, Rynox has thought of this as well. The Advento has a “Knee Slap Mechanism” that lets you adjust or remove the armour plates when not needed. You only need to unzip the leg sleeve zippers that runs from the ankle to the knee, remove the Velcro patch and take out the plates as and when you want. The plates can then be stored in a backpack or haversack, like any normal set of knee guards. Me being me,I regularly leave my denims at home and use the Advento as my trousers. I’ll surely use it while going for an interview one day. hehe

  5. Sun or Rain, keep hustlin’ 
    Imagine having to pull your pants down in the middle of the rain, just so that you can wrestle on the internal rain liner. Not a pretty thought, right? That’s why the Advento has an external rain liner. This add-on is light, fits and folds easily. It is delicate thought, and can get torn if your bike has sharp footpegs (my Duke 390, for example was so angry with me, it tore the poor rain liner). The thermal liner is very useful while riding in the frigid North-Eastern winters, as it is very lightweight and keeps all the equipment warm and cozy no matter how cold it is. The liner is held in place via the YKK zips, also industry standard.
  6. Hawa Hawaii. AF 
    AAH! The Aero-Flip Mechanism. What a superb addition it is! The Rynox Advento has vents above the knee that can be opened when needed. This thick mesh is held in place with Velcro straps and IRC buttons. The Aero Flip keeps your legs, thighs and ankles cool by channeling air to all parts of the pants. I always leave it open (the Aero Flip, you perverts!) while on the highways and in the city.
  7. There’s a size for everyone
    Buying riding pants online is like a game of 21. There’s absolutely no guarantee that the box delivered to you will have something that you like, or more worryingly, fits! My previous attempts at buying pants online failed hilariously. One felt as big as a sleeping bag and the other was like a pair of tights. The Advento, though, fits me like a charm. Not just that, there are a number of adjustable straps, velcro patches, buttons and accordion sections so you can adjust them any way you want. I use an M (size 31/32), and I never feel like taking them off!16833253_1241906809234571_1151209079_o
  8. Better have things to fill those pockets
    And that’s because the pockets are deep, man. The Advento has YKK zips for fastening the pockets, so you can zip and unzip them even with gloves on. There are 2 front pockets on both sides, so you can store everything from cash to a Swiss Army Knife (for camping purposes, we hope) at easy reach.
  9. Get a grip, Rynox Advento style! 
    The Advento is equipped with something they call SUPERGRIP™, which is very similar to the non-skid fabric used in car seat covers. This is an excellent feature, as it bonds to your bike seat fabric, making sure your behind is in place and in shape when you are bashing those twisties. Supergrip is made out of an air-dry , synthetic fabric.
    Do you like to travel light? Do you yearn to tame the outdoors? Do you live for long rides? Then there really is nothing better you can buy for INR 7850. Till date, I have crashed once wearing the Advento, and escaped without a scratch. I have washed my pants 12 times so far, and never carry denims on a ride. For the asking price, you can surely get a pair of kickass denims or sharp Bond-like trousers. But none of them can save your bacon in the rain, heat, snow, dust, and in a crash. I’d only like my buddies to buy what I have used myself, so please rush to a nearby store and check out the Advento.

    Peace out, MotoTrippers!!!

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