Received on 16 January 2017. Presenting the Viaterra Marine NEO Hydration Pack.

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important while riding long distances on motorcycles and the best convenient way to ensure proper hydration is to wear a hydration pack. It improves your endurance. Dehydration on the other-hand can cause weakness, fatigue and confusion. Thus hydration is a factor that always requires your high priority during rides.

After using the Viaterra Marine Hydration Pack for 3 years to keep myself hydrated during my roadtrips across India covering thousands of kilometers it was time for me to upgrade and Viaterra sent me this surprise just in time.


Usage: 3 short rides – Day Long , 1 Long Ride – 8 Days

6 features that describes the All New Viaterra NEO Hydration Pack.

1. The hydration bag looks cool.
The Viaterra Marine NEO is improved version of the Marine Hydration Packs.
Its new shape and color combinations looks attractive and makes it stand out from the other hydration packs. The white part in case of my color combination (blue-white) gets dirty easily specially when you hit the dusty off-roads but fortunately the stains goes off very easily on washing. But you don’t have to worry if that bothers you because there are 6 cool color options for this bag to choose from. The NEO also comes with 3m reflective strips to ensure better night visibility and according to my friend it works great at night and also the placement looks awesome.


2. Easy to Refill and clean the hydration pack.
Inside the Marine NEO sits a HydraPakTM’s 2 litre Shape-Shift™ reservoir. This is the best thing about this bag. One of the best hydration pack which is world-renowned for its smart design and amazing durability. Refilling is very easy as the Slide-Seal™ top opens wide for easy filling and closes tight for a leak-proof seal. The hydration pack is also fully reversible making it very easy for cleaning and drying as well.

3. Enough space to pack your essentials. 

The outside zippered pocket have enough space to pack your essentials like powerbanks, wallets, medicines, earphones and mobile chargers. The NEO uses YKK zipper chain through out the bag and long pullers which makes it easy to operate even with the riding gloves on.


4. Impressive construction quality.
Looking at the bag closely  you can easily figure out the quality of its construction. The Marine NEO outer construction is a mix of 1200D X 1200D Polyester with PVC coating, 420D X 420D , 600D X 600D Polyester with PU coating and 300D X 300D Ripstop Polyester with PU coating. D stands for Denier which is a unit of measurement that is used to determine the fiber thickness of individual threads or filaments used in the creation of textiles and fabrics. Fabrics with a high denier count tend to be thick, sturdy, and durable. Fabrics with a low denier count tend to be sheer, soft, and silky. The inner fluorescent green color linings of the Marine NEO is a 72D X 72D nylon with PVC coating.
Mesh panel construction on the back off the bag and straps helps in reducing sweating.


5. Twist On/Off Function and Dust Cap
The twist on/off switch near the bite valve helps in preventing leakage of water due to external pressure. You don’t have to switch it on and off all the time you need to drink water. I leave it at on and it still didn’t leak any water on my last ride.
A dust cap that is attached to the water pipe with a leash keeps the bite valve clean making sure you don’t suck in dust everytime you bite the valve to drink water.


6. Ease of use on the go.
Practicality is the most important part. Its makes no sense if you have to stop everytime you need to drink water while riding. Hydration pack is all about keeping yourself hydrated on the go. The 36 inch Hydraflex tube that runs from the back to the front above the shoulders stays near the side of the chest and is easy to access while riding. The Surge Bite Valve has a naturally ergonomic design with 45 degree angle for perfect drinking which adds ease when pulled inside the helmet.


Product Name: Viaterra Marine NEO Hydration Pack
Cost: 3,250 INR
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